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Large hardware prototype factory, more secure delivery

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-10- 12 17: 40

some time ago, Miss Zheng, Xixiang, contacted Tuwei model to send a hardware prototype to quote. This is a hardware prototype that is not very difficult. The tolerance and appearance are not very strict and easy to complete. . . . . . That is, the delivery period is relatively fast, and 100 sets need to be completed within 7 days. The general hardware prototype factory has been scared to see this delivery date, because it is too difficult to complete.

originally, before that, Miss Zheng had a stable hardware prototype factory to cooperate with, and the prototype factory was also very strong, and Miss Zheng had been cooperating, until some time ago, Miss Zheng received a few big and urgent lists and also handed them over to the prototype factory for cooperation, but this saw that the delivery period was coming, but she was delayed in delivery, the reason is that the construction period of the other party is also very full and cannot be delivered at once. In desperation, Miss Zheng found the Shenzhen hardware prototype factory from the internet--Extension model.

In fact, this situation of Miss Zheng, the extension model is not the first time to see, the general hardware prototype factory delivery is difficult to be guaranteed. The extension model has 55 large CNC machining centers and adopts five-axis machining. The machining process does not need to be turned over. Therefore, the work efficiency is much higher than that of the peers, and it is naturally faster in delivery.

now, Miss Zheng has been working with the extension model for a while, there was no delay in delivery during this time. Miss Zheng highly praised the Tuowei model as a hardware prototype factory on time, and introduced many customers.

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