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latest electronic gadgets of 2019

by:Tuowei     2019-09-05
The new 3D printer from Danish company Cobod International is the size of a small barn, which is called BOD2.
This is the world\'s largest 3D printer designed for architecture.
It is capable of printing the entire building up to 40 feet wide, 90 feet long and 30 feet high.
IStorage diskAshur2 hard drive if you are looking for a solid external hard drive in the market, it can protect your files from environmental and network factorswise?
Then look at isorage diskashur2.
There is a physical keyboard on the front of the DiskAshur 2, which gives you extra security, while the competitors don\'t. Security-
DiskAshur2 is designed to be 100% hardware encrypted, so you can protect your data without downloading the driver or connecting it to your PC.
Ricoh gr iii large size-
Sensor camera Ricoh has recently added gr iii and is developing the industry.
This is a big improvement compared to gr ii, using a higher resolution sensor 3-axis in-
Body stable and rear touch screen.
There is also a Ricoh GR IIInew on-sensor phase-
Detect the autofocus system, which should be faster than ever and improved low
Light ability.
Ricoh is relatively independent in this camera category.
Xiaomi Mi Home 360-degree panoramic camera is one of the most powerful and minimal action cameras created to capture your next adventure 360-degree wide!
It is suitable for outdoor sports, family safety and tourism.
Xiaomi Mi Home 360 panoramic camera-in with 6-
Shaft electronic defensequake.
So, while doing extreme sports, it is also the perfect choice for shooting.
It is a waterproof and dust-proof body that can be safely taken in an environment of minus 10 degrees to 45 degrees.
The Ourtime X01S smartwatch is a stylish and elegant device that is suitable for all kinds of clothing.
The smooth steel finish of the dial and the leather wristband form a perfect combination of style and refinement.
The manufacturer offers three elegant colors for you to choose from: gold, silver and black.
There are three buttons on the right side of the watch, which are strategically located for easy access to power, home and camera functions.
On the other hand microphone embedded watch on the left side of.
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