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Longhua prototype factory-High cost performance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2019-02- 21 10: 43

In the first two weeks or so, there was a Mr. Zhang from a small and medium-sized enterprise in Longhua, by searching the information of Longhua prototype factory on the Internet, we found the extension model. After they came to the Tuowei model, Huang Gong immediately entertained them. He told Huang Gong that they had found a prototype factory to do it, but when they opened the mold, because the error was too large, all the products were scrapped and they lost a lot. Now their company's funds are not open due to a large amount of investment in this product, resulting in their capital turnover temporarily, and they need to find a cost-effective one, prototype factory with high precision.

Huang Gong introduced the information of the extension model in detail with him, the extension model is machined with five-axis accuracy of up to ±0. 02mm and high cost performance. After detailed discussion, the internal personnel of Longhua original factory sent relevant drawings and signed a confidential agreement. After repeated analysis and discussion, Huang Gong and the project manager finally discussed the plan suitable for their company. The customer was very satisfied with the plan, signed the contract on the spot, and made an advance payment. After four days of overtime work, the project was finally completed.

before shipping, huang Gong of Longhua prototype factory sent the pictures of these products to customers, and the customers were very satisfied. It is also a conscience merchant for the cost performance. For solving them, huang Gong is also very happy with his approval. It takes a careful plan to open the mold. If you have financial problems, you need to find a cost-effective company, then look for the extension model.

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