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Nanshan prototype factory, good service company

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-08- 11 09: 10

there is an OTT technology company in Nanshan district, Shenzhen, who finds the tuowei prototype model company by phone, at that time, when I received the phone call, I asked the customer about the basic information and needs, and learned that the customer was looking for a supplier. On the website, I saw the phone call of the tuowei prototype factory to consult, at that time, the customer said that their demand was not very large, but some small batches were sent with some renderings and asked if we could do it.

Miss Zheng, the business, took the initiative to send the confidential agreement to the customer, however, the customer did not send any drawings or follow-up replies. Just as Miss Zheng needed to go to Nanshan, she decided to visit the customer company. Take the company's profile and print out a confidential agreement. Bring the business card, and the prototype we have done to the customer company. When they arrive at the customer company, they also warmly received us and clearly stated the effect they have to do, then show our prototype sample to the customer. The customer is very excited to see our model, saying that we have prepared enough and are very sincere, and soon send the drawings to quote.

Sometimes it is rare to see it, customers will feel that they can see the information of Tuowei on the Internet every day, but they have not cooperated with Taowei. Now they feel the sincerity of Taowei, and it is difficult not to clinch a deal. If you are looking for a prototype factory in Nanshan, look at the extension model.

Clouds of aluminum prototype failures surround the world of tuowei in particular, simply because people don’t pay as much attention to the used plastic injection molds as they should do.
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