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Plastic packaging prototype factory-Communicate effectively with customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-03- 16 08:05

Mr. Pi of Chengdu found the extension model through Alibaba, and the keyword he searched was'Plastic packaging prototype factory' After the relevant customer service Aliwangwang to his contact information, it was directly transferred to Cao Gong of the business department. Just at this time, Cao Gong was relatively idle, so he quickly added Mr. Pi's QQ.

learned through the communication between Cao Gong and Mr. Pi, mr. Pi previously made a prototype in a plastic packaging prototype factory in Chengdu. Because the wall thickness design is relatively thin or the strength of the prototype factory is limited, it was broken. After he changed the wall thickness to a thicker point, he did not dare to find the prototype factory before, so he found the extension model. After Cao Gong sent him some relevant company profiles, Mr. Pi sent the drawings to quote.

Mr. Pi was originally going to do 10 prototypes, since the previous plastic-coated prototype factory was smashed, he only did two this time. I think everyone knows that if you make a prototype, the more you do, the cheaper the unit price. When Cao Gong sent him the quotation, he felt that the price was a bit expensive and asked Cao Gong if he could calculate it according to the price of 10. Cao Gong said, first press this price this time. If you do 8 more later, each prototype will be charged according to the unit price of 10, and the extra fee will be discounted from the next price. The customer felt that this suggestion was good, so he signed a contract with Cao Gong and paid the final payment.

few days later, mr. Pi received the prototype sent by the extension model, was satisfied with the feel and color of the two prototypes, and was ready to start the next round of cooperation. If you want to find a good plastic packaging prototype factory, you might as well look at the extension model, which is not only of excellent quality, but also can communicate effectively with you.

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