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Plastic prototype proofing needs to pay attention to the appearance effect of the prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-07- 26 17: 33

compared with hardware materials, plastic materials have the advantages of easy processing and low cost, so they are widely used in the prototype industry. According to industry insiders, plastic prototypes account for almost 60% of the entire prototype industry, and there are many enterprises that can be seen as plastic prototypes. So what do we need to pay attention to when making plastic prototypes?

cannot only focus on price

there are some customers who only pay attention to the price when choosing a plastic prototype factory, often ignore the quality problem, I will feel that the price is low and choose which one. Here is a real example of one of the customers in the extension model: he is mainly doing the prototype to participate in the exhibition, chose a prototype factory with a lower price ratio to cooperate. The prototype made was rubbish and the surface was very rough, so that it did not play a role in the exhibition and wasted the cost of the exhibition.

appearance processing is important

This is crucial, if you use the prototype to participate in the exhibition, the appearance is not handled well, it is difficult to attract the attention of customers at the exhibition, let alone get orders. Tuowei model has been engaged in prototype production for 16 years and hired CTO as the technical director of the United States to introduce advanced fuel injection technology abroad. The appearance effect of the prototype is better than that of the peers.

fear every point you pay

whether you are a big or a small order, we will all be true. Just because we fear every point you pay, this is the trust of Tuowei, so the Tuowei people can only pay back if they pay 200% of their efforts.

when you need a plastic prototype proofing, we should not only value the price of the prototype, but also pay attention to the quality of the prototype so that we can make a prototype that we are satisfied.

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