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Process flow and technology introduction of surface treatment of prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2014-07- 10 12: 36

after years of accumulation, our extension prototype model has a very rich and comprehensive process for the processing of the prototype, including manual processing and painting ( Light, matte, metal paint, rubber paint, Pearl Paint, etc)Silk Screen, sandblasting, polishing and electroplating (Vacuum plating, water plating)Hot stamping, etc. Manual processing: Polish and assemble the samples made, and make the parts into a finished product. Fuel Injection (Spraypaint) : According to the customer's requirements, our company is a dust-free oil spraying House, and the oil is also the best. Silk screen printing (Silk-Screen): Print or pattern on the prototype sample. Pad printing: print words or patterns on uneven surfaces of the prototype. Thunder carving (Laserengrave) : In order to transmit light, two layers of paint will be sprayed on a transparent piece, one layer will be knocked off and one layer will be exposed. Electroplating (Plating) : In order for the product to be more eye-catching, the color of the product coated with silver, the sample must be very smooth and free of impurities, and then soaked in the potion (With water plating and vacuum plating), External hair. Water plating features: it is not easy to scratch, not easy to fade, not bright, and the required materials are high temperature resistant. The vacuum plating is bright and easy to scratch and fade. Oxidation (Anodizing)(Anode treatment) : Oxidation reaction occurs on the surface of aluminum, forming a layer of film, not easy to scratch, not easy to corrosion. Drawing: pull out a thin mark on the surface of aluminum, and the texture is better. Highlights (High-Lighteffect) : Machining a circle with high-speed CNC on the sample to reveal the true color of aluminum. Hot stamping: affix the product color of gold or silver to some details of the product. (This process is rarely used now) UV: spray a layer of transparent oil on the surface of the sample, dry it with UV light, the product is brighter, and it is not easy to scratch. Clay Sculpture (Carvedmud) : For toy dolls, the appearance is not regular. It can't be processed by the machine, so it is carved by hand with a piece of oil mud. Relief (Relief) : Lay a layer of sludge on a board and carve out the desired shape. It looks like a solid object. Lathe (Lathe): Process some small parts. Milling Machine (Millingmachine) : Milling CNC samples that cannot be processed or need to be modified. Sandblasting (Sandblasting) : There are a lot of residual plastic on the sample of the computer Gong, which is very troublesome to handle manually.

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