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Prototype electronics factory-Delete drawings after quotation

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-02- 19 11: 23

Miss Huang's purchase of a design company in Shenzhen has a lot of drawings that he wants to check the rationality by printing in the early stage, by searching online'Electronic prototype'And then see'Extension model of Shenzhen City' At the top of the list, I went in for consultation. I received her business Miss Mo. After Miss Mo asked her some relevant questions, she sent them company information to understand, maybe I didn't know enough about it. Just when their boss came here, I made an appointment.

when Miss MO of the electronic prototype factory finished reading them with related projects after the drawings, the customer asked to remove the drawings in front of them, because some small factories may not be conscious and sell the drawings directly to their peers, so the customer pays more attention to this, however, every computer of the extension model has confidential software, which is highly recognized by customers. The quotation has been paid in full for about half an hour to inform the processing.

to the shipping time, after receiving the samples, the customer also praised the packaging of the electronic prototype factory. It was very strict and said that their previous suppliers were all shipped in a casual roll. The packaging of the extension model can be said to be very careful. So the details can really reassure the customer and satisfy the customer! If you also want to find such a careful electronic prototype factory, you may wish to contact the online customer service on the right side of the page, and a professional project manager will give you a quotation within one hour.

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