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Prototype Enterprise-Good word of mouth from 18 years of experience

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-06- 20 14: 22

The extension model can become a prototype Enterprise with good reputation in the customer's mind, and it also comes from 18 years of prototype processing experience.

any result is not achieved overnight, the success of any enterprise is accumulated by paying 1. 1 points at ordinary times. The extension prototype model enterprise uses its own experience to explain. No one can succeed casually. Like tuowei model, it can do a good job in the customer's reputation prototype Enterprise, mainly due to the unremitting efforts in the past 18 years.

18 years of experience, although seemingly invisible, it is reflected in all aspects. The 5000 ㎡ factory building of the duimen Duyuan has complete prototype processing equipment, such as five-axis machine, brother machine, etc. This prototype Enterprise has been updated and upgraded year after year on hardware equipment; Hire us CTO as technical director to bring the level of prototype surface treatment into line with international standards; More than 3000 successful cases, so that you can be more assured when working with the extension model, both word of mouth and strength, and the prototype is more comfortable.

prototype enterprises strive to do a good job in the processing of each set of prototypes, to help you validate your new product faster. For more details, please come to Fuyong to see the factory! If you have customized requirements for the relevant prototype model, you may wish to contact online customer service on the right side of the page, or call 181187 80783,24 hours to serve you!

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