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Prototype Model manufacturers, high cost performance of prototypes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-10- 18 17: 41

when the customer cooperates with a prototype model manufacturer, it may be that the processing accuracy, delivery period, appearance processing or service attitude of the prototype factory are valued, miss Wang chose to cooperate with the prototype model manufacturer of Tuwei model for another reason.

when we first cooperated, miss Wang has a cooperative prototype model manufacturer. The reason why Miss Wang is looking for several more suppliers is to find out the prototype factory with high cost performance. When Miss Wang sent the drawings to the extension model, she asked the prototype processing accuracy of the extension model, and what was the delivery date?

after receiving Miss Wang's drawings, this was evaluated. After half an hour, the quotation was sent to Miss Wang. After reading the quotation, Miss Wang felt that the extension model had no advantage in price and had no intention of cooperation, want to cooperate with other prototype factory. However, the relevant business manager told her that the extension model was processed by a five-axis machine, and the processing accuracy could reach 0. 01mm, this accuracy is not achieved by many other prototype factories. So Miss Wang held a skeptical attitude and gave a small single stone to the Tuwei model.

few days later, miss Wang received the prototype model sent by the extension model. After testing, she was very satisfied with this accuracy and said that if there is an original model to be done in the future, she will still choose the extension model. If you need a cost-effective prototype model, look at the extension model.

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