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Prototype of transparent parts-Carefully Polished

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-04- 30 08:01

Hello everyone, there are many customers of auto parts who find the prototype of the transparent parts of the lamp made by the extension. The prototype made by the supplier found Before feels that the transparency has not met the requirements. After consulting the data, several suppliers including the extension model were found. Gained trust in the project manager's detailed introduction.

because the attitude towards each customer is the same, regardless of the unit price. It is the purpose to make long-term cooperation for each customer's prototype quality. The first cooperation of this transparent prototype should be handled carefully. No longer let customers repeat the same mistakes. Of course, it is useless to say practical actions. After the forming of the five-axis machine equipment, the hand-made master with decades of experience will carry out post-processing.

there is a difference at this point, because the company hired the us cto for technical communication at a high salary. The main appearance effect meets the customer's standards, which can be sent to the QC room for special prototype testing of transparent parts. Ensure that transparency is packaged and sent after reaching the indicator.

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