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Prototype processing plant-Provide 3 dimensional report

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-01- 08 17: 11

Mr. Liu met in the QQ group by accident in the tuowei model business segment. That was when Mr. Liu had an engine that needed prototype proofing. However, a small prototype processing plant is being done, and the small factory obtains Mr. Liu's trust by reporting the progress of the object in real time. At the time of delivery, Mr. Liu was asked to give the full amount and then deliver the goods. Liu Xiansheng believed, but after giving 5W full money, he did not see the factory deliver the goods. Mr. Liu is urging the left to the right. I didn't see the object. I had to say it in a hardware processing group. Everyone agreed that Mr. Liu was cheated. Mr. Liu was very anxious.

at this time, the business segment of extension dimension came out, ask Mr. Liu to prepare the alarm materials and come to Shenzhen to find a time to accompany Mr. Liu to the prototype processing factory of Mr. Liu. If there is indeed a problem, call the police. The next day, Mr. Liu returned to Harbin by plane. At that time, he found the supplier. The fact is that there are only two small CNC processing workshops.

Mr. Liu immediately called the police, was two the reconciliation of results is supplier back to payment. Mr. Liu is very upset-- The delay in the construction period of his project did not say that he also encountered this matter, and then entrusted the extension model to process the object. After the evaluation of the extension hardware department, Mr. Liu's object only needs processing fee of 3 W, and the accuracy can also meet the requirements of Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu was very excited and said that if he directly found Tuowei at that time, there would be so many things. prototype processing factory could create its own land here in Shenzhen, which was capable.

five days later, mr. Liu got the engine shell he had processed for a long time, and there was a 3-dimensional coordinate report, and immediately promised to give him the original model in the future. This xinnai has been continuing.

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