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Ratio of silicone prototype materials

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2017-09- 04 10: 48

The prototype model processing industry, except for the widely used plastic material processing, it is also possible to use a kind of prototype model called silicone material for processing. The advantages of silicone prototype model are: Silicone viscosity is thin, easy to operate, no deformation, no shrinkage, simple mold removal, smooth surface of the mold, good simulation results.

silica gel is a liquid flowing, one group is silica gel and the other group is curing agent, the amount of curing agent is usually 2% to 3%. For example, take a group of 100 grams of silica gel and fix the agent for two grams. Add the curing agent to the silica gel and stir it evenly. Description: the ratio of silica gel and the ratio of curing agent must be weighed correctly on the electronic scale. According to the local temperature, the curing agent can be added according to this ratio around 25 degrees Celsius. If the local temperature is ten degrees Celsius, the increase of curing agent can be added to 5%. If the local temperature is about minus five degrees Celsius, you will not react by adding more curing agents and silica gel, which will not solidify for a long time; If the local temperature is 38 to 45 degrees Celsius, the same quality silicone, the same curing agent, the curing agent can be added to 1%.

The prototypes that can be made include: PVC plastic mold, cement product mold, melting point alloy mold, alloy toy process, plastic toy handicraft, gift stationery, large statues, reproduction of cultural relics, manufacturing of sole molds, positioning of pad printing, earthquake resistance of electronic equipment, etc.

operation process: prototype silica gel is used on small pieces of products or products with fine patterns. The mold should be made with silicon-soft silica gel. This is because the precise and small products are easily damaged during the demoulding time, so soft silica gel must be used to make the mold. If you are copying large products or making large products, you must use silica gel with large hardness to make molds so that the products made are not deformed.

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