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Tangxia prototype factory-Considerate service

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2019-07- 18 17: 05

Shenzhen enterprise purchased Mr. Zheng to find a Tangxia prototype factory online to produce a customized cigarette mouth prototype. After receiving the consultation, tuowei model immediately arranged for a professional salesman to contact the customer and quickly provided a quotation and production and processing plan.

The business manager of the extension model simply understands the customer's requirements after, explained in detail from a professional point of view the production process and surface post-treatment required for the prototype of the cigarette mouth, the rapid response and professional answer dispelled Mr. Zheng's doubts, received the approval of the customer and sent the 3D drawings and lists. The quick response and professional response dispelled Mr. Zheng's doubts. His purchasing manager gave the company leadership the production process and the quotation plan to make the decision. He soon received good news from Mr. Zheng, no accident occurred and the plan was confirmed. The production team of tuowei model worked 24 hours a day and made the cigarette mouth prototype in 5 days.

Mr. Zheng said:' The extension model is indeed professional, efficient and thoughtful service, which makes us feel at ease and saves time and effort. It is very good to be able to find such a good Tangxia prototype factory to customize the prototype! ' If you have any need or problems to find a prototype factory to make a prototype, please contact the online customer service of the webpage, or call: 18118780765, you are welcome to consult!

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