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The prototype factory has a precision of 0 for processing aluminum alloy. 01mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-10- 30 16: 24

Miss Fuyong Zhang is the purchase of an aluminum alloy product factory. There are many prototypes that need proofing when encountering new product research and development. I think everyone knows, the aluminum alloy prototype generally has high requirements for accuracy, and the prototype model factory she found before is not very reliable. Miss Zhang has very strict requirements for the quality of the prototype, but does not pay much attention to the price.

In fact, if the aluminum alloy prototype wants to have high machining accuracy, we need to find a good prototype model factory. This extension model is quite in line with Miss Zhang. Miss Zhang has been climbing and rolling in the aluminum alloy industry for so many years, and it is very clear that the processing accuracy of the prototype is closely related to the processing equipment, the extension model was not far from her, so when she was free, she came to the extension model to inspect the factory.

she has also seen many prototype model factories before, the scale was not very large. When she came to the Tuowei model and saw that 55 CNC machining centers were neatly arranged, it was shocked enough. When she saw that the Tuowei model had a 5-axis machine, it has strengthened its determination to cooperate with the extension model. Miss Zhang was very refreshing and signed an order with Tuwei model on the same day.

few days later, miss Zhang was very satisfied with the prototype sent by the extension model. If you also want to find a high-precision prototype factory, you might as well look at the extension model, which can bring you a high-precision prototype with the advantages of the 5-axis machine.

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