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this is the world’s first 3d printed laptop

by:Tuowei     2019-09-03
Top/IndiegogoIf would like to know what useful thing you can print with so many things
The 3D printer you bought was hyped or just wanted to make your own laptop but not sure where to start, Pi-
Top is an exciting proposal.
Everything you need to build 3D-
The printable laptop, in addition to the printer itself, currently costs $286. Pi-
Anything you can do with PiTop. The Pi-
The Top pack includes customizable templates for 3D printers, so you can print your laptop in any color or even emboss your name on the case.
It also contains a screen and a \"Raspberry Pi\"-a desktop tower the size of a credit card-that needs to be slotted into the shell to form the final laptop. The Pi-
Top has all the features of a normal laptop, but its inventors want to teach kids to understand the computer better by learning how to disassemble and reassemble it.
The laptop, officially released in May, can be purchased on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, which allows thousands of people to pledge seed capital to a new idea rather than relying on loans. Pi-
Top/Indiegogo everything that comes with Pi-Top1)
Injection molding case2)
3D printer STL files compatible with most print bed sizes (
Size of bed and size of bed3)
Pcb-power management, HDMI to LVDS Bridge and keyboard and trackpad controller. 4)
Panel of electronic equipmentBattery6)Keyboard7)Trackpad8)13.
Hd LCD screen 9)Wifi adapter9)
Acrylic slice10)Wiring11)DC wall plug12)
Build note 13)
Online and integrated course plans with Pi ideas
Top is to teach users how to build their own devices using the Raspberry Pi, not just laptops, but home automation devices, robots and other hardware.
To do this, Pi-
Top has its own gamification learning environment, teaching users step by stepby-
Steps on how to build. Pi-
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