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This US company says it can rebuild the Notre Dame with a 3D printer Using innovation for a historic rebuild

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
An American company says it has found the answer to rebuilding the historic Notre spires in a fast and efficient way: 3D printing.
\"Size innovation\" is a design team that claims to have the largest 3D printer in Kansas City.
When they thought of the idea, the team was watching the fire at the University of Notre Dame.
\"We believe that, to the best of our ability, using a 3D printer to recreate the spires that existed before was a way to keep the cathedral as accurate as possible.
But this is done to integrate the latest and best building methods of the day, \"says Brandon Wood.
The team paid $2.
The 2 million printer can print objects about 3 m, 7 m, 1 m and a half high.
Size innovation says the new spires will be made of \"hot plastic\"
Combination of polyester and carbon fiber-
Able to replicate the traditional look of the Virgin.
They claim that the use of 3D printers means that the French government can deliver the reconstruction on time.
In April, French President Emmanuel Macron promised to rebuild the Notre cathedral within five years.
The president of the cathedral later confirmed that he would close the building for six years.
Macron also announced an international design competition to rebuild the famous tip of the tower.
The announcement came under a series of propaganda, sparking a debate about tradition and innovation.
The Dutch company \"concr3de\" also proposes to use 3D printing in the Notre repair.
Unlike its American counterparts, concr3de wants to turn the rubble from the fire into a new 3-Printed stone.
The Dutch research team says falling wood, rocks and ashes could be crushed into powder and then printed in 3D into the missing parts of the church. -the 19th-
Used to sit on the top of the Cathedral of the century demon.
Concr3de says the process will \"keep the soul of the building \".
Other options include ,-.
A Slovak designer even replaced the top with a beam pointing to the sky.
But innovation could face real obstacles.
The French people themselves.
According to recent reports, more than half hope that the Notre Cathedral will be rebuilt as it was.
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