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Three simple steps of small batch vacuum re-molding of silicone mold

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2014-07- 10 12: 35

three simple steps for small batch vacuum re-molding of silicone mold 1. Prototype needs to be made before making CNC silicone prototype model. The prototype can be made of more common ABS materials and can be processed by CNC. 2. After the prototype of the silicone mold is ready, the silicone mold is started. After drying for eight hours, cut the silicone mold and take out the prototype. At this time, the silicone mold is ready. 3. Inject the liquid gum material into the silicone mold, and dry it. The service life of transparent silicone mold is about 20 times. Step 1: process the prototype with CNC, SLA, or mud carving, and make the second step of the nozzle: surround the prototype with a board and prepare for the mold. Step 3: pour the vacuum liquid silica gel into the mold with the vacuum machine, and cover all the products in Step 4: put the mold into the oven to bake, so that the silicone mold can accelerate the curing molding Step 5: take the prototype out of the mold Step 6: vacuum and pour the material according to the material required by the product, and copy the finished product

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