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today\'s must-reads for entrepreneurs: do businesses actually support raising the minimum wage?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
News and insights from business owners across the Web: Little businessman Bocock wanted to open a restaurant, but eventually found a company selling six food trucks or \"kitchens in boxes\" for a month: food-
\'The truck business is booming, \'he said. \'We get calls and calls.
His secret sauce is a payment plan that allows
Let the chefs reduce the cost by 30% and pay the balance monthly from the income of the food truck.
Many of Bocock\'s customers are immigrants trying to achieve the American dream.
They are the kind of people who are willing to try something that is considered to be very high risk, which also requires a lot of effort.
\"How Shark tanks saved the luggage business from bankruptcy:\" We made some very big mistakes.
When we started Biaggi, we were like leaving with Rosetti. We had in-
We have the best sales people in the industry, including marketing and PR.
We have an office on Fifth Avenue and 33 th Street.
Not smart.
We paid more than $400,000 before we shipped.
We also ordered stock in 50,000 units.
\"The StartupsA startup called Carbon has raised $0. 14 billion to build a superfast, $40,000-a-
3D printer of the year: \"using new materials, hardware and software, Carbon\'s M1 printer emits UV rays on its syrupy resin to produce prototypes and production parts that can be more flexible, hard, tough, or hot.
More resistant than the competitor\'s products, competitors can not match the printing speed. Co-
When the knee was revealed, founder and chief executive Joseph de Simon was a little fancy.
\'We don\'t print, \'he said. \'We grow.
\"BubblewatchSilicon Valley invested $0. 12 billion in the $700 machine, making eight
Juice ounces: \"Juicero opened this week. But what is it? Is it a juice-ordering app?
Just another kitchen?
Or 111,000-square-foot food-
A processing plant of dozens of hourly workers cleaning and slicing fruits and vegetables in Los Angeles?
That\'s all.
David kicker, partner at GV, said this is the most complex business I have funded. GV used to be a Google venture capital. \'It’s software.
Consumer electronics.
Products and packaging.
James said: \"mutual funds cannot agree on the actual value of startups:\" Those who are not good at evaluating private companies try to act like image experts. \".
Even if they have less information than venture capital.
\"What does HR mean for three small businesses in San Francisco with a minimum wage of $15:\" We will make it work, \"Karp said. \".
We will continue to prosper.
But at the same time, something must be given, he said.
He is considering reducing his salary by 10% through the attrition he wants, and he realizes that once the salary reaches $15, he may not be able to continue to pay the minimum wage that exceeds the requirements.
\"Despite what the Chamber of Commerce has said, leaked documents show strong support for raising the minimum wage:\" LuntzGlobal conducted a survey of 1,000 corporate executives across the country, the company is run by Republican pollster Frank Rentz and is obtained by a free-supervision organization called the Center for Media and Democracy. (
The slides are here, and the complete questionnaire is here. )
The most interesting finding was that 80% of respondents said they supported raising the national minimum wage, while only 8% opposed it.
In a webinar describing the findings, Rentz told State Department executives that it is undeniable that they support this growth and noted that this coincides with other findings they have made.
This is universal.
If you are against raising the minimum wage, you are fighting a hard battle because most Americans, even most Republicans, agree to raise the minimum wage.
\"This is the information you need to know about the new family of the New York Revolution --
Leave policy: \"The paid leave plan will include full leavetimeandpart-time employees.
There will be no exemptions for small businesses.
To take advantage of this project, you only need to work in the company for six months (
Advocates have been negotiating for four weeks, but six months is still half the time it takes for FMLA).
The program will be funded by an insurance model in which approximately one dollar will be deducted per week from the employee\'s salary;
No contribution from the employer.
\"Taxes That\'s why Donald Trump\'s tax plan could be a rude surprise for small businesses:\" It\'s a surprise: according to the 2011 analysis of the Tax Policy Center, among all the reporting companies, nearly half of them, 43% of whom are partnerships, and 79% of those who own sole proprietorship find themselves at a tax level of 15% or less.
In other words, the vast majority of small businesses currently have lower actual tax rates than Trump\'s proposed 15%.
\"Should social media brands advertise in the messaging app?
\"This does not mean that the brand is completely unpopular on the messaging app.
But, it does mean that so far, in these services, they have been greatly limited in approach, less focused on promotion, and more focused on providing entertainment or utilities --or both.
In some cases, marketing is not even done in the form of paid advertising.
On WhatsApp, for example, the shoe brand Clarks avoids public sales promotion, but instead creates three virtual roles to promote its highly respected desert boots, allowing users to connect to them on the app, to receive a playlist of messages, videos, and music.
The following is how venture capital uses crowdfunding to review transactions: \"The crowdfunding platform will naturally use technology to classify multiple attributes of companies looking for capital and present them in a unified format, any potential investor can evaluate quickly.
Venture capital and other investors benefit from the fact that crowdfunding creates faster due diligence processes than traditional approaches, and many venture capital investments say it helps them to categorize transactions and focus on those that are worth it
\"Economic companies are hiring faster than at any time of the century:\" The Labor Department\'s 215,000 increase in employment in the third quarter, announced Friday, was the best double --
Since the end of 1990, the proportion of Americans in the labor force
It has been on a declining track since 2001 and has fallen sharply since 2008 --hit a two-year high.
It\'s really the best.
Case scenario, \"said Michelle Meyer, deputy head of the US economy at Merrill Lynch.
\'I am particularly encouraged by the increase in labor participation,\' he said.
Can the textile industry reinvent itself as a high-tech industry? tech?
\"Now Warwick Mills has joined the Department of Defense, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and in addition, nearly 50 companies have pushed the American textile industry into the digital age in an ambitious $0. 32 billion project.
The key to the program is technical factors: embedding various tiny semiconductors and sensors into fabrics that can see, hear, communicate, and store energy, warm or cool people or monitor the health of the wearer.
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