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8 takeaways from the windows 10 creators update

by:Tuowei     2019-08-29
Microsoft is trying to foster a spirit of innovation in the Windows community through a free update starting in April 11 --
Even if your definition of creativity comes down to playing the game you play.
\"Our vision is to enhance the creativity of all of us,\" said Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Microsoft Windows and Devices Group, who referred to the creator update as a \"rather important version \".
\"I \'ve been running the software on the Surface Pro tablet/PC hybrid car and appreciate the many improvements and touches that the update has brought, although it\'s not as important as Microsoft suggested.
Not all of these enhancements fall within the scope of creativity.
Here are eight key Highlights: * paint turns into 3D.
Microsoft\'s paint plan dates back to the Reagan administration.
Drawing now increases the ability to create and modify 3D objects.
I was challenged as an artist, but I made noodles with a 3D graffiti tool.
If you are more artistic than me, you can upload your work to Remix3D.
Get com site from app and want to get inspiration from others or at least from
Make 3D objects for your own library.
You can export your creations in 2D or 3D format.
You can also print 3D objects if you can use a 3D printer.
* Mark photos and maps.
Here\'s another chance to show your creative talent and have some fun with the Windows Ink tool in the photo app.
You can draw on pictures and videos like I use Surface pen.
You can also draw in the map app.
* Improve the browser.
Mehdi says more than half of the time people spend on Windows 10 is on browsers.
The bad news for Microsoft, however, is that the most common browser is Google\'s Chrome, not Microsoft\'s own Edge.
As part of the Creators Update, Microsoft says the Edge browser is now faster, safer and more generous in terms of battery life --
Microsoft claims that Edge can transmit video for up to an hour and a half compared to Chrome.
Of course, this improvement is important, but it is not easy to notice.
What you will see is the ability to preview the visual thumbnail of the open tab by hovering over a given tab.
In addition, you can also leave all open tabs for later reference and bring them back by selecting the Restore tab button.
For example, this can be useful if you need to go back to work projects.
Little quibble: I hope you can say a set of labels you have reserved for later viewing.
In other new browser enhancements, you can personalize the Edge with a variety of \"extensions\", including the Pinterest Pin It button, Amazon Assistant (Surface Treatment)
, And translation extensions that allow you to translate web pages in more than 50 languages.
As you may expect, Microsoft Office also has an extension that allows you to view and edit files without having Office installed on your computer. *Read an ebook.
You can read e-books when you are in your browser.
Microsoft added an electronics for the first time.
A bookstore that is part of the Windows store.
Like other readers, you can bookmark the page and call the dictionary definition (Through wing)
And get other basic functions.
Microsoft is not just sharing how many books it had when the Windows Store was released. *Security.
With the new Windows Defender security center, you can check the overall security status of your system.
By clicking on the health report option, I can see an overview of the most recent scan of my system.
Microsoft did not report issues related to battery life, storage, or the latest Windows Update, but it is recommended to update the device driver.
Unfortunately, Windows doesn\'t do a good job of letting me know which driver needs to be updated. *Gaming.
Microsoft has poured a lot of love into gamers.
There is now a dedicated game section in Windows settings.
Microsoft has added \"game mode \"(
Open by default)
This should give priority to system resources when you play games, which can be useful if you have a lot of apps running at the same time.
Also new is the ability to play games using the beam streaming platform the Xbox team acquired in August.
You can start the game by simultaneously pressing the Windows and G keys on the keyboard to summon the game bar.
This game bar also has a shortcut button for screenshots, recording campaigns, or landing on the Xbox page.
Microsoft is also unifying things so that if you buy a game on an Xbox console or Windows PC, you can play on any system.
* Adjust the night lights.
The computer monitor will emit blue light to keep you awake at night.
The new night lighting feature allows you to change the color temperature range on your PC to display warmer colors that help sleep.
You can schedule the time when the night light function starts.
When it comes to sleeping time, a parental control feature provided on Windows pc allows you to limit the screen time of Junior playing games and is now updated via the creators of Xbox One.
* Mixed reality is supported.
Add more to the upcoming category, but the creator update will support the first Windows hybrid reality --
Later this year, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo launched the product at a starting price of $299.
According to Mehdi, the headset will be built in-
Enabled inside the sensor-out, six-
Freedom allows you to walk around without having to install an external marker or sensor on the wall.
It is not entirely clear whether these will reduce consumer consumption.
Is it the y version of HoloLens or something, but I just want to say that I would love to give it a try.
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