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harmonious toon

by:Tuowei     2019-08-30
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 19/8/2016 (1017 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Animation carries the hope of opening up the whole universe.
So why is it so rare to have wonderful, imaginative, original animated features?
Magnificent epic from Portland, Oregon. -
Leica-based boutique animation shows what toons really can do to get rid of traditional business ideas (
Free from restrictions on franchising and franchising).
Three functions before the studio
Colleen, supernatural and box monster-
They have all been nominated for the Oscars, thanks in part to their art, the ancientschool stop-
Motion Animation.
In Kubo and these two strings, gorgeous visuals are supported by a powerful story that draws on traditional Japanese folk stories. Kubo (
Dubbed by Art Parkinson, game by Ricon Stark of Thrace)
A little boy lives near a coastal village with his traumatic mother.
Every day, he earns some coins telling stories in the city square with carefully crafted origami characters and the music of his shamisen (a stringed instrument.
It turns out that Cooper\'s story has something to do with his own past.
His father died to protect him from his mother\'s vicious father and sister.
The conflict went beyond the common family feud and turned into a supernatural rift.
When his witty aunt (
It\'s all played by Wayne Mala.
Cooper must once again be a hero of his own adventure.
Together with two guides, the stern Monkey, he looks for three magical objects (Charles Theron)
A living woodcarving and beetle (
Matthew McConaughey)
The Samurai was cursed to form a huge mistake.
There\'s a way to be funny. trip carping.
The monkey is a pessimist. (
\"Did you say anything encouraging? \" Kubo asks.
\"I encourage you not to die,\" replied the monkey . \". )
The beetle is an optimist, guiding Buzz Lightyear, with a ticking voice, maybe just-keep-livin’-
Times McConaughey forgot in his likable.
The story of screenwriter Mark hemes and Chris Butler is simple, but there is a layer of mystery and meaning.
Like the disturbing Colleen, Cooper is dark.
Very dark often.
But also full of hope
It shares the idea with old fairy tales and new heirs such as Edward Gray, Maurice Sendak and Lemmon snickkett that children do not want to be wrapped in cotton wool.
They want to explore their fears and overcome them by telling stories.
Director Travis Knight\'s visuals are a perfect combination of old and new technology.
Leica animator is working-intensive stop-
But the model is made by a 3D printer.
Added a little CGI for the water effect and general polishing, but the overall feel is tactile and organic.
Some visuals have the precise, exquisite beauty of origami, commemorating the ancient Japanese environment without being cute. (
Voice conversion is still an unstable compromise.
Filmmakers are sensitive enough to give Asians and Asians
American actors are almost all small voice characters, but they are not brave enough and have not enough courage to make them the main character. )
Like many great comics, Cooper and these two strings work on several levels.
The action is intense and scary occasionally, probably not all the kids.
Children who like it will learn something (very quiet)
Courses on self
Dependence, resilience and love.
At the same time, older viewers will think about memories, loss, and sadness.
No one will consider action numbers for sequels, derivatives or overpriced. alison.
Gilmore @ freepress. mb.
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