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High precision prototype, you deserve it

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2018-11- 09 11: 48

for many friends who need a prototype model, of course, the cost is low, and it is precisely because of this, many friends will choose the prototype model with low price, but the prototype with low price may not be good in quality. I often have friends around me complaining and making low-cost prototypes. The results are very inaccurate during the test. Therefore, it is better to make a high-precision prototype.

few days ago, Miss Su from Dongguan contacted the extension model, after consulting a high-precision prototype, when the extension model was quoted as required, Miss Su said: so expensive, other prototype factories are 20% cheaper than you. Tuowei model patiently explained to Miss Su that the relevant business told her-- The extension model is machined by five-axis, and can reach 0 in terms of accuracy. 01mm, and hired experienced polishing masters, their salary is 40 yuan per hour, so the prototype is better than other peers in accuracy and appearance, the corresponding cost will also increase.

unexpectedly, it took a few days before Miss Su called to say: this is indeed a high-precision prototype. The error is relatively small during the test, which can greatly improve the accuracy of new product verification, and the price is slightly higher.

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