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by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Latest update: The most important part of your sales kit in September 4, 2017 is the cover letter.
If your prospect doesn\'t want to look at the other material you send, you may have lost it and the rest of your sales kit won\'t even be opened.
On a recent Saturday afternoon, my wife and I went out to work.
As we drove past the local McDonald\'s, she turned to me and said, \"You know, every time we drove past McDonald\'s, their fries always smelled really good, which made me want some
\"As sales and marketing people, we are very clear about creating this desire (
Or, \"hungry\" if you want \")
For our products or services, it is essential for the success of our sales.
Especially in business. to-
Commercial sales, there are some smaller sales before the end. You cold-
Call to make an appointment for sale.
On your first date, you sold your second date.
You do telemarketing (
When allowed)
, Advertising, sending sales letters, email
Mail, postcards and participation cards-decks to --in many cases --
If you are not interested in the products or services you provide, sell your potential customers and get more information about your products or services, the chances of you completing a particular sale and going to the next level are also minimal at best.
Now, most organizations recognize the importance of training sales people to end their appointments.
Some even do a good job in advertising, sales letters and other leads
Acting activities.
But in terms of the performance of the direct response --
Many companies have a generation with room for improvement.
You see, there is an important marketing communication that is often overlooked: the cover letter for fulfilling the package.
Let me ask a few questions to explain.
When was the last time you received the sales kit or \"full information package\" in the mail or via email
An email with a cover letter makes you excited to check the information?
How many follow-up-
Have you or the sales staff of your company made such a call?
You: \"Good morning, sir.
Big guy, Jim Smith from Smith.
A few days ago you asked us to send you the full information package and I sent the priority mail the same day you called.
I called to know that you understood and answered any questions you might have. Mr.
\"Yes, I\'m fine, Jim.
It\'s on my desk.
But I haven\'t had a chance to see it yet.
\"Many companies will be in 4-
Reprints color, gloss, marketing materials and magazine articles for their sales suite, but then pays little or no attention to the cover letter that comes with the sales suite.
Your cover letter is the salesperson of your sales kit, arguably the most important document in the kit.
Its purpose is to immediately \"starve\" the information in your packet in your prospects \".
So don\'t short.
Let\'s take a look at how close the cover letter below is to these guidelines and what suggestions for improvement we can provide (
Company and product name changed)
: \"Thank you for your interest in the Pioneer Building Management System for heavy/road and utility contractors. \" (
Okay, short.
I like that \"thank you\" is the first two words and the author calls the software program \"system \".
\"It makes it sound more fulfilling. )
\"This is the information you requested. \" (
A short and clear sentence
But I would suggest more dialogue and friendliness rather than more formal sounding \"request\"
Sounds like a \"request.
\"Yes, I know this sentence will end with a preposition, but it doesn\'t matter.
This is a marketing letter, not a paper. )
\"Easy to use demo disk (
Specific benefits-
Language oriented)
It also covers a wide range of operations of the system.
\"Vanguard is easier to operate (
Again, \"easy-of-use\" factor;
Always a smart move when selling technology)
Than other accounting software you may have used.
It was written in PRO.
Fourth, technological evolution, fourth
Generate language. (
Not sure if the reader really cares about these things unless it is related to a particular interest. )PRO-
IV was developed by Macdonald Douglas for commercial applications.
\"The first two sentences are slow and choppy, and there is no smooth transition from one sentence to the next.
Suggest rewriting: \"When you put the Pioneer Demo in, you\'ll notice how easy it is to use it.
It\'s because it\'s PRO-
A high-level programming language developed by Macdonald Douglas.
\"When you look at the Demos, pay attention to these special features: I talked about how important it is for a cover letter to sell your prospects while reading your literature, right here and now.
But instead of doing so, the author focuses on selling software.
Cover letters should sell potential customers while looking at presentations and reading articles.
Here is my opinion: \"Thank you for your interest in the Pioneer Building Management System, this is a custom project --
Designed for heavy/road and utility contractors like you.
All the information you want is included in this package.
I think you\'ll see something right away: \"When you perform your \'walk --
Please note that the program is tailored to your industry and business;
The \"date sensitivity\" of the project can significantly shorten the time spent in the monthend and year-end closings;
Time of the system-saving, single-
Automatic Update function.
Will the above rewrite allow potential customers to drop everything down on a busy day and spend an hour or so reviewing presentations and reading literature? Probably not.
Is it more likely to get this package near the top of a potential customer \"review\" heap later in the afternoon? I believe so.
Now let\'s go back to the original text of this letter.
\"Vanguard has more than 700 installation systems and has more than 13 years of experience in providing computer systems to contractors.
Support is unlimited, training is in-
Learn about your business by a trained CPAs website.
I will contact you to discuss how pioneer can help your business.
\"The first sentence of this last paragraph is a bit out of touch.
The wording \"I will contact you to discuss\" sounds too formal.
Suggested rewrite: \"pioneer has been focusing on developing excellent, simple for 13 yearsto-
Use computer systems for contractors.
Due to this concern, our installation base is growing rapidly and we have installed more than 700 systems at present.
Included in this figure are leading companies like Bechtel Construction and national oil.
Jorgenson company. and many more.
I welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your business and the many benefits and competitive advantages our pioneer program can bring to your company.
I\'ll call you in a few days.
But call me if you have a problemfree at 800-747-2256.
\"Thank you for reading my letter.
Thank you again for your interest in our products.
I look forward to discussing with you how pioneer can help you improve your productivity and profitability.
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