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How to reply to inquiry in prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-01- 30 08:23

I have learned a lot in the foreign trade forum these days. One of the articles is titled' The prototype factory replied to the inquiry, and it is very important to do these five points well'.

in daily work, the business reply inquiry of the prototype factory is essential. Of course, there are thousands of foreign trade customers, and the inquiry is also different. However, most of the small partners did not carry out specific inquiries for specific customers. As long as you see the customer's inquiry, regardless of sanqi 21, you will throw it away if you calculate a price! It is undeniable that this is more efficient, but high efficiency does not mean high energy! So how is the right step to reply to the inquiry?

to find out the source of the inquiry, (1) which publicity channel is the inquiry from and (2) Which country is the inquiry from. The inquiry of each channel has its own features. For example, the company's self-built inquiry is often one-on-one targeted inquiry, the customer is more professional, and the price negotiation is easier, google's turnover rate once reached more than 6, which illustrates the problem. (2) Which country comes from is mainly to let you first think of a few questions. ① will this country have policy restrictions; (2) whether there will be special regulations, such as customs clearance materials, commodity inspection, payment methods, etc; 3 I have no customers in this country before, what customers are, how is the cooperation situation, what may be the relationship between this customer and old customers? 4 Is there any obvious characteristic, such as Indian customers, the obvious characteristic is to cut prices. (2) Find the customer's website: most of the customer's inquiries have the company name. What the prototype model factory has to do is to find the customer's website and understand the customer's various information. (3) Google customer information: After background investigation, check the main business of the other party and analyze it, there will generally be two situations (1) replacing the original supplier and adding new suppliers to the original style (2, at this time, new products are often needed. If they are old products, customers will rarely replace suppliers at risk.

Xiaobian feels that everyone can go to foreign trade when they feel boring at ordinary times. the forum looks at some experience written by foreign trade giants in various fields, for the prototype factory foreign trade salesman is very useful.

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