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Learning to solder better

by:Tuowei     2019-08-07
I have a soldering iron as long as I remember it.
But I never thought I was good at using it.
Recently, I need to do more and more welding (
Thanks for my 3d printer building, among other things)
So I think I should do better in this regard.
One thing I \'ve heard over and over is to practice with a simple electronic kit.
So I bought a couple of kits here and there, and recently I forced myself to put one together whenever I had time.
Apart from being a fun gadget, these are really a great way to get better welding once done.
Simple passage-
But I always thought this welding was sloppy.
My welding \"Night School\" started last week and I customized the name badge from the simulation machine that MakerShed recently picked up: it\'s big and bright!
Perfect for hanging rope badge holders.
Next is TV. B-
The Gone kit for Adafruit Industries is one of my favorite places to order.
I promise not to be too evil with such a powerful force.
The latest kit I have assembled is the welding time kit I purchased from SparkFun. com (
Another shop you like)
This is probably the weirdest watch ever.
The kit comes with a red LED segment monitor, but I ordered a separate green display and replaced it, which is another interesting thing for these kits, that is you can
I originally planned to use this \"watch\" as a visible timer in my MakerBot (
Of course, except for the acrylic case and wrist strap)
For the delay video, but I think it\'s too big to fit where I want to use it.
After practice, it\'s amazing to see how my welding ability differs from assembling these very well-documented kits.
This really gives you a good idea of what the end result should look like, and the extra tricks to weld different types of electronic components.
And a comic book (in PDF form)
The so-called welding is easy, which is a good resource to start welding.
My next project will be the Minty Boost kit I got from Metrix\'s vending machine during my most recent trip to Seattle.
I think I finally won my welding skill badge.
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