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Precision prototype manufacturers, 0. 01mm machining accuracy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
2018-07- 31 16: 17

The accuracy of the prototype has a great relationship with the good and bad of its production equipment, generally, the better the accuracy of the prototype production equipment is higher. Its accuracy is naturally small. At present, most prototype factories are limited by funds. The processing equipment used is general, and the accuracy can only reach 0. About 1mm, can reach 0 in terms of accuracy. There are very few precision prototypes of 01mm.

Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory has 55 CNC processing equipment with accuracy of ±0. 03mm, this accuracy is enough precision. However, in July this year, a number of five-axis machines were introduced into the tuowei prototype factory, and the processing accuracy could reach 0. 01mm, can provide customers with high-precision prototypes, and serve every customer who cooperates with us.

these two aluminum alloy prototypes, not only are there many holes, more gears and more grooves, but it is extremely inconvenient to process them. It also needs to be flipped to the side for processing. The customer found a lot of prototype factories that could not be done. With the five-axis machine, the extension model easily made the two prototypes.

Shenzhen precision prototype factory has a processing accuracy of 0. 01mm, can provide you with a high-precision prototype to help you develop new products faster.

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