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Prototype processing of soft glue-Not cheap

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-06- 14 08:01

Hello everyone, if you need to customize a soft glue prototype model at present, what aspects can you learn to choose a cooperative supplier, the technical problem extension model like this is very happy to answer for you. If you feel helpful, you can always consult the online staff for further discussion. The material used in the soft glue prototype model has a variety of processes, so it is normal to see some gaps in price alone. The key is whether the quality aspect meets your accuracy requirements, which is crucial for your subsequent use. series of problems, such as poor appearance or lack of functionality, have to be dealt with by the supplier.

many small factories refuse to pay for the second time after the sale. This irresponsible attitude will cause customer churn, such as the quality of software prototype models in regular companies. We will first consult with the customer to see what the problem is and whether the drawings should be improved. Please choose a supplier of good quality to cooperate. Don't be greedy for cheap.

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