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Prototype production of medical equipment, accuracy 0. 01mm exquisite appearance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-08- 28 11: 20

medical equipment is a common processing equipment, mainly used for testing. Shenzhen prototype factory often makes prototype models for medical equipment. Medical equipment products developed or designed by medical equipment must be prototype. Medical equipment prototype is a step to verify the feasibility of the product, so as to improve the defects, until the deficiencies cannot be found from individual prototype samples.

customers who generally do medical device prototypes pay more attention to the appearance of prototypes, if a product is ugly, it is difficult to sell, not to mention expensive equipment such as medical equipment prototypes. Tuowei model employs CTO as the technical director of the United States and introduces foreign fuel injection technology to make your prototype different. The medical watch prototype below is a prototype made by tuowei model to customers, the appearance is very exquisite and has the function of timing and physical examination.

The extension model was made for 17 years in the prototype of medical equipment, the five-axis machine is used for processing, and the accuracy is 0. 05-0. 01mm. And hired CTO as the technical director of the United States, the introduction of foreign fuel injection technology, when doing the medical equipment prototype, not only the processing accuracy is high, but also the appearance is very beautiful.

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