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the world’s first 3d-printed house

by:Tuowei     2019-08-20
Although it is a relatively new development,
Printing technology has been used to successfully manufacture various objects from Dita Von Teese\'s nylon gown to the most controversial work gun.
A Dutch company is further testing the limitations of this emerging production process and is currently trying to build the world\'s first 3D-printed house.
Headquartered in Amsterdam, DUS capitts adopts 6-metre-tall, purpose-
Built-in printer named KamerMaker (
Dutch for \"Room manufacturer)
Print the parts of the house with plastic.
Each part of the property is initially printed in a scale of 1: 20 on a smaller printer, and then its final size is printed layer by the main printer.
KamerMaker currently stands in the front garden of architectural practice and is accessible to the public.
The production process has begun-the developer\'s goal is to build the entire facade of the Canal House by the end of the year, as well as the interior hall of the building.
As development continues, 3D
Printing kitchen, study room, storage room and guest room will be added to the building.
The House will be built by the Buiksloter canal north of Amsterdam and will serve as a 3D display and research center
Printing technology.
DUS capitts is known for its temporary buildings and indicates that the structure of the House may be accompanied by 3D-
With the continuous development of printing technology, more complex finishes are possible.
Although it has not been confirmed whether the House will become a permanent addition to the city landscape of Amsterdam, it is expected to remain for at least three years.
Passion for 3D
Printing technology seems more and more popular in the Netherlands, another Amsterdam
The company also plans to build a printing house.
The landscape House of universal architecture, designed by Janjaap ruisensenaars, is a Mobius belt-
A 3D printer named D-a shape building printed at a time
Bigger shape than KamerMaker. The D-
The shape blends sand with the adhesive to create a sandstone-like substance, hoping that the construction of the landscape House will begin in 2014.
See more pictures DUS Architects 3D-
There\'s a printing house here.
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The audience walked into KamerMaker and saw the parts being built.
Picture: DUS KamerMaker, architect of duseldorf, currently lives in the architect of the garden and the accessible public.
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