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BIBLIOFILES: Hidden gems of public libraries

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
All the libraries in the world provide individuals with something unique that makes them special.
Large and small libraries, both rural and urban, have hidden gems.
It is these hidden gems that make the library a place for eternity, innovation, exploration and fun, and for everyone.
Sometimes, these unique hidden gems are ignored and are not intentional, but you may be surprised by the list of hidden gems that we can find in our local library :.
We can apply for a title other than TRAC.
The library is great in sharing their resources.
Not only can we claim titles from anywhere in the province, but also on your behalf from outside the province!
Some of these titles may come from academic libraries, or even special collections libraries, so don\'t be afraid to ask for the vague titles you want as we may bring them for you.
You can request any title, it may come from anywhere, but be sure to browse through your library collection as there are many hidden gems on your local library shelf.
The National Fair library service network meets the requirement to provide alternative format books for printed disabled persons, which is available directly to the public library in Alberta.
About 10 per cent of Canadians have a printed disability, whether it is a cognitive impairment (an obstacle related to understanding), a physical disability (unable to hold a book), or a vision (unable to concentrate or completely impaired vision ).
NNELS make books in accessible formats and are available through public libraries.
Anyone who is passionate about reading needs to look at the novelist and cannot wait until the next book of his or her favorite author is published.
Find your next great book to read and discover more and more by searching the novelist.
-You know there\'s an old spruce forest Public Library-
The old typewriter of their innovation lab welcomes anyone to come in and try it.
When you\'re writing a poem or a letter, why not type it out!
-There are a variety of board games, card games and puzzles in the library for people of all ages to play and check out.
You may even find that a puzzle has begun and anyone can be the next one to piece together.
Do you know you can get consumer reports for free? Choose the product that suits you and provide useful reviews and buy suggestions that you don\'t have to pay for your subscription.
The stone plain Public Library and the cloud forest Public Library provide 3D printing services for the public.
There are a lot of uses for 3D printers: you can use it to create prototypes for larger projects, create models, create replacement parts and more!
Submit the 3D project for printing today.
The Spruce Grove Public Library offers theme suites that bring together resources and items from specific provinces or regions to embrace our rich Canadian culture.
The kit includes dolls with accessories, unique story magazines, and books related to the character or Province/Region of the kit.
-Do you like the library? But due to age, you are not able to visit us in person, or medical condition home services can bring you Library materials directly once a month to send them to your home!
Eligibility for this service requires you to be a resident of Parklands County who are unable to visit the library in person.
This may be temporary due to illness or injury, or it may be permanent due to age, disability or other mobility issues.
-The Public Library is a place to showcase local talent, bringing awareness to culture, art and music.
We are pleased to present works from the Parklands County local art collection at the library in duffeld, kefflin, entyal Le and Tomahawk.
In addition, many paintings by local artists are on display in our small village.
So next time you visit the local library, take a closer look or ask the librarian to show you some of their favorite hidden gems!
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