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How did the prototype come out?

by:Tuowei     2019-09-15
2017-09- 06 16: 57

prototype, also called the first board, is also called'Do it by hand' According to the literal meaning, it refers to a model of the product. You must want to know how the prototype was made. Xiaobian tells you that the methods of prototype production mainly include manual production, cnc processing, silicone compound mold and 3d printing. Here, I will introduce you in detail.

hand-made: its main workload is done by hand.

cnc machining: a prototype made using a cnc machining center gong out and through a later surface. Moreover, the surface quality of CNC prototype is high, especially after surface spraying and silk screen printing, it is even brighter than the products produced after opening the mold, so cnc prototype is still the mainstream of the prototype industry, occupy half of the prototype industry, below is the production video of cnc prototype model.

silicone compound mold: it is also called small batch compound mold. This is a very efficient method. The specific practices are as follows: first make a silicone mold through the cnc method, and then fill the liquid inside, after the product is dried and formed, the mold is taken out, but this method is easy to deform. Using a silicone mold, more than 20 identical products can be made.

3d printing: 3D printing is basically the same as the working principle of ordinary printers, with engineering plastic, resin or gypsum powder etc. 'Print Material' After connecting with the computer, through the computer control'Print Material' Layer by layer, the blueprint on the computer into a physical object. This printing technology is collectively referred to as 3D stereo printing technology. The following video introduces the process of 3d printing prototype production in detail.

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