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Japan\'s 3D Printers Shape Dreams

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
As we all know, 3D printers can make all kinds of three-
Size object.
This technology has attracted people\'s attention because it can create almost anything, and is increasingly used in industry and research and development.
However, it seems that even company employees and housewives have been using 3D printers to meet various needs recently.
\"One of the gears on my toilet seat wash was broken.
\"I want to hold the broken trigger high.
Water pressure hose.
\"These are examples of problems that customers bring to us every day. \" Ah!
3D printer shop! !
Nakano district, Tokyo.
A customer is Mieko Hiramatsu, 58, who is the manager of an apartment in Koto Ward, Tokyo.
She is working on the old, cracked frame of the elevator control button.
Hiramatsu contacted the elevator manufacturer to try to repair them, but the required parts are out of stock and the cost of replacing the entire control panel will exceed 300,000 yen (about $2,551).
She tried to repair them with plastic clay she bought in a shop for 100 yen, but did not succeed.
It was not until she found the 3D printer store online that she was hindered.
When Hiramatsu visited Nakano, 35-year-
Old clerk nakbasa told her, \"you can easily make parts with a 3D printer.
\"After making measurements and data input, the parts are printed one by one.
The total cost is 4,000 yen.
\"After the repair is done, it works very well and I can\'t believe the problem can be solved so easily,\" Hiramatsu said . \".
Japan\'s first 3D printer creative competition was held in Tokyo on last August.
Keiko Ichinoki, 45, from Meguro Ward, attended the event with the idea of making custom nipples for baby bottles.
The mother\'s nipples can be converted into data using a 3D camera to handle the \"nipple mess\" that babies don\'t like to use bottles, or refuse to drink the mother\'s milk when they are too used to bottles.
The customized nipples can be printed out with soft rubber material and attached to the bottle for use.
Ichinoki is raising three children.
\"The baby recognizes the mother\'s nipples by shape,\" she said . \".
\"I thought, if they [
Artificial nipple
The shape of the baby is the same and should not be confused.
\"The winner of the highest award is a program that supports the development of children\'s feet, submitted by the professor
Yamashita, Tokyo Health University.
The deformity of the foot bone can be corrected by using the footbed, which can improve the gait of the person during childhood.
The project aims to produce insoles suitable for children\'s feet.
The project attracted companies that sponsored the competition to invest 1 million yen, and the development to achieve the project is in progress.
Ichinoki is also supported by the company and is currently looking for a suitable material for baby safety.
Some people also use 3D printers out of interest.
Tanaka Qing, 36year-
The old staff of Nakano ward like to make cars and buildings with toy blocks.
He is not content to use only finished objects as decorations, and he wants them to move and shine.
To achieve this, he created the original parts, connecting the building blocks made by toy manufacturers with electronic circuits.
Then he was able to make wooden objects that could move like a radio with flashing lighthouses and cars. Control the car.
\"I have created a work --of-a-
Said a happy Tanaka.
He asked me, \"Why don\'t you give it a try and do something ? \".
I couldn\'t think of a good idea, but inspired by my swordsman hobby, I decided to be a guard for bamboo swords.
I also decided to make a mark on my personal motto. \"kokkishin\" (self-control)-
Guards on Chinese characters
It was easy to create data and it took only about two hours to complete the guard.
Even though it\'s a simple project, I know it\'s my original design and it makes me happy.
According to Shinjiro Yamada, 66, patents related to 3D printers will expire this year.
This will lead to sales of various new models, he said.
3D printers used to be abused for illegal purposes such as making guns, but I realized that there could be a lot of benefits when they were used correctly.
Once the technology combined with AI and 3D objects is created, it may be a good idea to create a double body for my wife, because I am always away from home and he is often angry with me.
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