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three schools from delhi have made it to the nationwide list of top 12 government schools

by:Tuowei     2019-09-03
The walls of the school entrance are covered with bright charts that tell everything from sustainable development and \"swachh bharat\" to \"happiness goals\" and exam schedules. The cream-
The colorful floor sparkled, and the sun peeked out of the clouds behind the rows of students --
Dupattas were nailed together and the shirt was stuffed in instead of the hair being inappropriate --
Sit quietly at the morning rally. It’s 8 a. m.
On a hazy Delhi morning, this school in the 10 th district of Dwarka will completely change my opinion on public schools.
\"Public schools in India have been hit badly,\" said Principal T . \"P. Singh.
\"But with RPVV, we will try to do better.
The result is obvious.
The Dwarka branch of RPVV or Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya, and the corresponding branch of the Lajpat Nagar and Rohini 11, the three schools in Delhi have been included in the list of the top 12 government schools in the country compiled by the education world Portal as part of the 2017 ranking of Indian schools --18.
In fact, Dwarka schools ranked first, Lajpat Nagar and Rohini schools ranked first6 and No.
12 respectively.
The laboratory and library RPVV School, an initiative by the Delhi government to provide quality education for marginalized areas, was first opened in 1997 with Rohini, Paschim Vihar and Surajmal ViharTwenty-
A year later, there were 22 schools, and five were established last year alone.
They all boasted about the language lab and upgraded the auditorium, which was relatively good.
The most important thing about the library is the teacher.
Ratio of students
They enroll students from classes six to twelve and pass the entrance examination.
Only students who study in public schools for at least two years are eligible.
When RPVVs started as high performance schools, they had the same disadvantages as other government schools --
Poor infrastructure, unclear learning outcomes, outdated teaching methods.
Geography teacher Neerja Lamba said: \"But great changes have taken place in the past four or five years . \" He has been working in school since 2003.
\"We have pressure --
Free learning and teaching environment.
Carry out cultural activities and exchange activities;
\"Students want to go to school,\" she said . \".
Singh noted that the Delhi government provided freedom for the improvement of these schools.
\"For example, I do not have to write to the government for any expenditure below £ 50 000.
Small things like this make things much easier.
Over the past four years, the Delhi government has steadily increased funding for education, from 20% of the budget in 2015 to 23.
It was 5% per cent in 2017 and 26% per cent in 2018.
The improvement of school infrastructure proves this.
On the branches of Dwarka, there is a complete air
A conditional auditorium, a conference hall open to teachers and students, and a brand new runway that immediately catches the eye.
The laboratory has the latest equipment;
There is a \"project development\" room for students to recycle paper;
There are working water purifiers on each floor.
The robot Jiangnan style has not changed more significantly than in the Rohini 11 district school, where I found the class X student Prashant Kumar elbow-deep in a half-built drone.
He worked after school at what the school called the \"atal repair lab.
\"I\'m pretty sure it will fly in a day or two;
\"I just need to stabilize the gyro sensor,\" Kumar said confidently . \".
His supervisor, Vivek, smiled behind him.
\"It will take another month or two,\" he said . \"
Nearby, the robot of Pratham Chopra, a student of pra class, is dancing \"Gangnam style.
It took four months for the code, Chopra said.
There is a real 3D printer in the corner, and the printed whistle prototypes are scattered around the tables.
The PT teacher at the school is now using the final version of the design.
Science teacher Sadaf Fathima showed us a keychain with the shape of her name on it.
The lab is the pride and joy of the school and is set up as part of the central government\'s Atal innovation mission.
Nearly 10,000 schools across the country have applied for grants, RPVV-
Rohini is one of those who packed in the first round.
Food, water, one less-year-
The teacher said that the old lab has aroused students\' interest in science and has also helped to bring more girls in.
They say there are only three girls in the XII science stream this year, but the trend in younger classes is starting to change slowly.
Shivani Singh, a social science teacher, said the facilities have greatly helped solve one of the biggest problems in public schools: dropping out of school.
At the Dwarka School, 63% of students come from families whose monthly income is less than GBP;
Their parents are rickshaws.
Coachman, worker, sweeper, tailor, mechanic, housekeeping, etc.
When these students enter the sixth grade, they are malnourished and unable to go to school at home, and in some cases they have to contribute to family income by doing odd jobs.
But although the drop-out rate of public schools in Delhi has been rising from 2. 9% in 2014-15 to 3. 4% in 2016-17 (Praja. org study)
The results of the municipal corporate schools were worse, and RPVVs did not drop out of school at all.
\"What children want to do is not just learn from textbooks.
\"More is what we provide,\" said Shivani . \".
\"They got clean water and nutritious food like Daral chawal, Dalia porridge, Polly-sabzi.
\"The girls get sanitary napkins,\" she said . \".
At Dwarka and Rohini, through the corridors of the school, there is a steady stream of \"good morning\" greetings around us.
The students were free the next day after a tough exam, and they were not silent and comfortable with the teacher.
\"This requires a lot of effort,\" said President Singh . \".
Not only scholars, but also students.
Teacher relations that need reform.
From improving teachers\' listening and communication skills to newer teaching methods and learning objectives, \"We need to change pedagogy,\" Singh said . \".
It was this need that prompted him to start the cluster leadership development programme, which is currently operating in all schools under the Delhi education bureau.
\"We chose about 10 principals, regions-
Wise, let them work with the hosttrainer.
The principal, in turn, returned to their school and worked with the teacher, \"he said.
This reduces teachers.
Students clashed, Singh said.
\"The communication ability between students has improved;
It\'s not very good, but it\'s much better than before.
\"The club and the extra --
Course activities have also played a great role.
For example, RPVV Rohini has a legal advocacy club where lawyers and judges give speeches to children once a month.
Bal Bhavan Kendra is an art and crafts initiative sponsored by the government\'s National Bal Bhavan, in addition to the regular art curriculum.
I found a classroom full of paintings, wall-hung, home decor items and so on in madubani.
We walked into a room full of class X students and when they heard the ranking of the school they suddenly heard --to-ear grins.
When asked about their ambitions, they listed scientists, doctors, etc, but several of them said \"teachers \".
They are as excited to teach and learn in this school.
The teacher who accompanied us was very proud. janane.
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