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new 3d printers a big hit at waverley library

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
After the study found that 3D printers are rare in smaller towns, the Taranaki Savings Bank Community Fund has paid a grant of $43,400 to invest the technology in nantaranaki
At Waverley Library, librarian Sarah Kennedy says the 3D printer attracts adults and children.
\"Everyone likes it very much. . . including me.
I think it\'s interesting.
Horella Library
Plus the librarian.
Louise Fengke said that although 3D printers are available in many large urban libraries in New Zealand, the technology is not available in many smaller places.
\"There are very few such schools in the school,\" she said . \"
\"We are very happy to have this technology and it is very popular.
People are already looking for ideas online and downloading them.
\"For the silk used by the machine, the cost of the printed object is 10c a gram, which is biodegradable and made of corn starch.
Mrs. Kennedy said the creativity of the students was encouraging.
\"I like to see them.
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