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Prototype factory-Delivery 3 to 5 days

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2019-04- 24 07: 57

some time ago, one customer, Mr. Tang, consulted the extension model when looking for a prototype manufacturer on the internet. He has a newly developed product that needs to be prototype to verify, there are no deficiencies in the design of the test products need to be improved.

after some understanding with the project manager of the extension model, I learned that Mr. Tang was looking for a prototype manufacturing plant, because the prototype quality of the previous cooperative manufacturers is getting worse and there is no way to meet the customer's requirements, it is necessary to replace the manufacturer's cooperation, which has delayed a lot of time and the delivery time is more urgent.

In the case of a relatively urgent delivery period, do not choose a small factory to do it. The number of employees is relatively small, and the delivery period is difficult to guarantee, find a prototype factory with a large scale to do it. There are hundreds of employees so that the delivery date can be guaranteed.

If you need to find a prototype manufacturer, you might as well choose the extension model with 17 years experience in prototyping, has more than 50 CNC machining equipment,

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