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Prototype supplier, strictly sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your intellectual property rights

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-11- 20 16: 49

if an enterprise wants to be invincible in the fierce competition, it needs to continuously develop new products to maintain normal operation with the company, in the research and development of new products, it is essential to find a high-quality prototype supplier. It can help enterprises to better verify new products and better show the advantages and disadvantages of products, so as to achieve the goal of optimizing products. In addition, you can also use the exhibition to promote the early stage of the new product.

while there are many customers who will select the prototype supplier confused by the low price, the prototype effect made by the result is not good, and the product is likely to be leaked in the process of making the prototype, so it is not'Essentially throwing good money after bad'. lot of time and cost wasted, so when we look for a prototype manufacturer, we must find a powerful manufacturer and strictly sign a confidential agreement with the prototype factory.

among many prototype vendors, the extension model is a prototype factory that pays more attention to customer privacy. Whenever the customer comes to consult, the relevant customer service will distribute it to the corresponding business manager after the customer's contact information, these business managers will take the initiative to strictly sign a confidential agreement with each customer, and do not disclose the customer's drawings and upload the corresponding prototype pictures within the specified time limit to help customers safely carry out new product research and development.

If you want the new product not to be leaked during the design, promotion and listing phases, we need to find a prototype supplier with strict secrecy, and the extension model is such a manufacturer.

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