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tech treats

by:Tuowei     2019-08-24
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 5/11/2015 (1305 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Imagine holding a small bowl with a colorful sugar sculpture.
It\'s whimsical and amazing and you almost reject the spoon in your hand.
At the end of the day, you tap on the exquisite creation, which is quietly broken, revealing sweet cream of passion fruit curd.
Welcome to the future of dessert.
3D Systems, a 3D digital design and printing company, premiered its 3DS cooking lab in Los Angeles this week to showcase local top culinary and creative talent while allowing guests to come first come, first served
Look at the possibilities of its ChefJet Pro 3D printer.
ChefJet Pro can create complete
Color candy of various flavors of sugar, fudge and candy.
A mixture of acid and salty is also possible.
The grand opening features dishes and specialty cocktails combine edible 3D elements created in collaboration with local chefs and bartenders.
The chef of the Meis restaurant, Josiah sittlin, offers a French onion soup that features 3D
Put the printed onion powder cube into the bowl, dissolve it into hot beef tail broth and pour it into 3D-
Pumpkin and maple sugar waffle with quail eggs.
Top Chef Season 12 champion Meilin served a beef steak in 3D
Printed mustard egg and passion fruit curd dessert decorated in 3Dprinted sugar-
Passion fruit flowers.
Cocktail chef Matthew Biancaniello offers two handmade 3D cocktails-
Printing Assembly: a candy cap-
Mushroom decoration, the other is the crystal of smoked salt.
Liz von Hasseln, creative director at 3DS, said in a statement: \"We are delighted to open up this amazing space for collaboration to bring a new era of digital craftsmanship and technology to the culinary community.
\"We bring together partners and collaborators from the food service and hospitality industries, as well as chefs, bartenders and artisans to explore the wide range
Open 3D landscapeprinted food.
\"This space will be used to explore and shape the future of 3D food, holding events for leaders in hotels, events and culinary communities, as well as seminars and lessons.
The lab has a demo kitchen and a 3D printing kitchen.
The original activity will be concentrated in 3D-
Printing food base.
The first event was a tentative meeting on sweets, which will take place on December.
In the 3DS Cooking Lab.
Lab designer and executive pastry chef Chris Harvey at the Beverly Hills SLS hotel will lead guests through the creation of pastries
Center dishes combined with 3D
Print elements, host discussions on the design and collaboration process, take guests to visit the commercial kitchen and show the chef Jet Pro cooking 3D printer. —
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