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How to do surface treatment for prototype model finishing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2014-12- 31 10: 00

in the finishing surface treatment technology of prototype models, the main ones can be divided into two parts:

Traditional Finishing Techniques and non-traditional finishing techniques. The traditional finishing technology is mainly based on manual grinding and polishing and mechanical finishing now developed; Non-traditional finishing mainly includes chemical polishing, electro-chemical polishing, electrolytic grinding, electro-chemical mechanical finishing, ultrasonic processing, magnetic flow polishing, laser polishing technology and electric spark polishing.

1, manual grinding and polishing

This method does not require special equipment, the adaptability is relatively strong, mainly depends on the experience and technical level of the operator, and the efficiency is low (About 1/3 of the entire prototype cycle) And the labor intensity of workers is large, the quality is unstable, which restricts the development of prototype model processing in China to a higher level. However, in terms of the current socio-economic and technological development, this processing method cannot be completely eliminated for the time being.

2, digital prototype polishing machine

This polishing tool is digitally controlled, the digital display and control process parameters are equipped with a complete set of grinding heads and abrasive materials, semi-automatic polishing, which has the advantages of small volume, convenient use, stable quality and good repeatability. Scope of Application: a. Materials: various prototype materials including cast steel, forged steel, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. B, prototype surface size: 100 x100 (Mm)-1,500 X3,000 (Mm).

3, ultrasonic prototype polishing machine

This polishing tool uses high-frequency EDM pulse the power supply is polished with the principle of ultrasonic fast vibration grinding. It can complete the general polishing tool (Electric grinding soft shaft, etc) The polishing of narrow slots, narrow seams, edges, corners and other tortuous parts that are difficult to reach, does not collapse the edges and corners after polishing, and does not affect the accuracy of the prototype model. The tool is used for polishing, and the rough surface can be quickly polished and polished. It is not limited by the shape of the workpiece and the hardness of the material. It has no requirements for the original surface roughness and has high efficacy.

4. Using high-speed milling technology as a means of prototype semi-finishing and finishing

saving 25% ~ compared with EDM processing by high-speed milling prototype ~ 60% working hours; The surface quality of the high-speed milling surface is good, which can avoid the micro-pattern of the surface that may appear in EDM processing; High-Speed Milling can process 45 ~ 60HRC hard surface, the roughness of fine milling surface can reach Ra = 0. 63mm, reduce manual polishing hours; The manufacturing process of the EDM processing electrode is saved, and the mold making cycle is significantly shortened.

5, electro-chemical and electro-chemical mechanical finishing

electrochemical and its Composite finishing the processing technology is mainly based on the principle of the electro-anode dissolution of metal workpieces, it belongs to the removal of ions. And because it is non-contact processing, there is no deformation layer, deterioration layer and residual stress; Tools are free of wear and can be applied for a long time; No flying edges and burrs. The service life of electro-mechanical processing can be increased by more than 5 times than that of General ultra-fine processing. Customer Success Stories:

  • working with BYD to make a prototype model of the car
  • Coffee Machine prototype of iffper spa in Germany
  • ACIC, Korea the prototype model made

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