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Plastic prototype factory, design concept of reducing 99%

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-09- 14 20: 36

when making a plastic prototype, many customers will choose a powerful plastic prototype factory, because the prototypes made by these manufacturers have high precision and beautiful appearance, they can restore the design drawings to a large extent and show the advantages and disadvantages of product appearance and structural design through touchable forms, after the improvement, the enterprise can take the products to participate in the exhibition or carry out mass mold opening production.

Luo Xiansheng made an aluminum alloy prototype in the Tuowei model some time ago. Mr. Luo's product is to be used for exhibitors, so the appearance of the prototype is very demanding, so I can't find a few prototype factories, so Mr. Luo found the extension model by searching for the plastic prototype factory. In fact, Mr. Luo hesitated when he first found Taowei, but after a small series, he said that Mr. Luo still agreed to visit the factory for on-the-spot inspection. During the visit, Mr. Luo found that the Tuowei model not only hired the us cto to dominate the fuel injection technology, but also set up a dust-free workshop, which was shocked by the strength of the Taowei model.

after visiting and negotiating with engineers from both sides, mr. Luo quickly reached a cooperation with the Tuowei model. If you need to find a powerful plastic prototype model manufacturer, you might as well look at the extension model and hire the us cto as the technical director. At the same time, a dust-free workshop has been set up with a cow-force appearance processing level, you can restore the design idea of 99%.

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