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Prototype processing, good packaging is also very important

by:Tuowei     2019-09-18
2018-10- 05 17: 00

under normal circumstances, most prototype processing manufacturers will not pay attention to this packaging problem when making prototypes, just need to be able to receive the prototype, the rest will not care. However, Mr. Zhang, who is a plastic prototype, attaches great importance to this issue, and also has a little friction with the relevant business personnel of the extension model.

Mr. Zhang made a plastic prototype, and the wall thickness of the prototype is very thin. Because the packaging is not good, causing damage in the process of sending. So I need to find a prototype factory to process it again, so I found the extension model through the Internet. When communicating with customer service, he always stressed that he should pay attention to packaging.

he even felt that it might be better to deliver the goods to the door, because the plastic prototype is damaged and scrapped, the loss is really large. Mr. Zhang's concern is understandable. Whether it is a user or a processor, it is a pity that such packaging problems cause bad feelings.

related businesses like Mr. Zhang explained how the extension model was packaged as a prototype of, this dispelled his doubts and reassured him to place an order. Therefore, when looking for a prototype sample processing factory, it is not only necessary to find a manufacturer with high precision, but also the packaging of the prototype is not easy to ignore, so as to reduce the chance of rework and improve work efficiency.

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