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Prototype surface treatment process

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2017-09- 01 18: 33

after the prototype production is completed, a series of manual processes will be carried out in the later stage, now, the extension model will introduce you to the process of the late surface treatment of the prototype:

1, manual processing: samples made by CNC, SLA, compound mold and other three methods are sampled and polished and assembled. This program is to make all parts components into a finished product.

2. Fuel injection: spray the prototype samples that have been made into the environment of the dust-free oil room according to the customer's requirements, make the prototype sample more vivid and vivid, increase the realism of the prototype sample.

3. Silk screen printing: print words or patterns on the plane of the prototype samples we have done well.

4. Pad printing: print words or patterns on uneven surfaces of the prototype. This process is made, and a steel plate needs to be made on the basis of silk screen printing.

5. Laser carving: Paint the surface of the product with laser to make some positions transparent. For example, the mobile phone button, the car DVD button. Lenses, etc.

6, plating: For the sake of the more eye-catching details of the product, coated with a layer of silver-branded product color, the sample before plating must be very smooth. No trace of impurities can be found and then soaked in chemical potions. This operation is divided into: water crossing and vacuum crossing.

7. Oxidation: that is, anode treatment causes oxidation reaction on the surface of aluminum, layer of film is formed to make the product not easy to scratch.

8. Drawing: pull out a fine mark on the surface of aluminum to make the sample texture better.

9. Highlights: on aluminum samples that have already been surface treated, a circle is processed with high-speed CNC to reveal the true color of aluminum.

10, over UV: spray a layer of transparent oil on the surface of the product and dry it with ultraviolet light to make the product brighter and more flower-free, like a protective layer.

11. Relief: Some patterns or characters, animals, plants and other effects are manually carved on a plane, called relief.

12. Mud carving: hand-carving some patterns or characters, animals, plants and other shapes with red mud, called mud carving.

13. Lathe: there is a collet holding all kinds of materials into an ellipse, a round cup, etc.

14. Milling machine: Similar to CNC, but it is a gongs bed controlled by manual and automatic switches.

15. Sandblasting: spray a layer of sand and granular effect on a prototype surface to make the prototype sample look more perfect.

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