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The three-month bull business tournament has benefited a lifetime

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2017-09- 27 22: 20

after three months of hard work, it will be better with a song from everyone yesterday. Gave us a perfect end to the third cattle business hegemony. From the beginning to the end, although it is only three short months, it has helped me a lot during this period!

I also benefited a lot during the period. During the mid-section commendation meeting, I won the nomination and commendation of outstanding employees and rewarded 500 yuan as an encouragement, recall this many vivid things, as if still last week.

but everything in the past three months is yesterday's the cattle business hegemony terminal recognition conference drew a perfect end. First of all, with the passionate dance performance of the rockets, this grand and incomparable commendation meeting was kicked off, followed by the introduction of outstanding leaders and guests present, among them, my rockets are very honored to have won the recognition of the team. All this comes from the continuous efforts of the small partners and the selfless sharing of the bosses to achieve such results.

As I was pleasantly surprised it has proved its success through three months of hard work, he won the personal progress award at the conference. This is a kind of affirmation of my ability, and I will try my best to pay back later. I feel very satisfied.

at the same time, it is also happy for the predecessors who won the eight kings, because they paid more than I did, the King deserved it. They have also become the benchmark for me to move forward. I believe that I can win the prize with my predecessors in the next cattle business hegemony process. This is my current goal and my breakthrough in my ability. I firmly believe that hard work will definitely pay off. In the next competition, we must catch up with the pace of our predecessors! ! This is the first time I have participated in the competition of cattle merchants because I have worked hard and I have paid back without leaving any regrets. Xie Xiangyu, you did it!

The major event of this conference is that Hunan cattle Chamber of Commerce, and Shenzhen cattle Chamber of Commerce reached a consensus docking with each other. The attention of the guests under the Exchange Agreement. All the cattle businessmen present cheered together. Take a photo together to record this photo full of commemorative value.

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