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These Tech Innovations Are Works of Art. Literally.

by:Tuowei     2019-08-10
We are now in the 21 st century and art has broken the usual tradition of marble and canvas.
I mean, I like the drawing of Ali Stik John Singh saginte as much as the next person, but with Instagram shaking the art world, there\'s more to experience.
Whether it\'s a subscription service that brings multimedia equipment into the living room, or a way to make prints with your own DNA, here are some of the best ways to combine modern technology with good old technology
Home decor.
Uploading Home photos on your flat-screen TV is one thing, but in order to really show digital art, you need more --built.
Eo1 is a 23-
Inch 1080 p display with matte finish and wide viewing angle.
There is no tedious stuff or software to handle-
You can control EO1 through your smartphone, which shows any static or mobile images you find online.
I mean, of course, it doesn\'t play the sound, it\'s basically a high
You bought the final version of the digital photo frame for grandma\'s birthday, but if you\'re looking for something like this (
Many people are)
EO1 is top notch.
You have to wait patiently now though: EO1 is for booking only and will not start shipping until September.
Imagine if you could get $3-49print a song. Reify can.
The company uses proprietary technology to record sound and then in three-
Before using a 3D printer to make small desktop sculptures that capture them with plastic, learn about the size space first.
simple app uses your phone\'s camera to \"read\" sculptures and play them on your phone.
Think of it as a slightly eccentric future black glue.
These are not on-Art of demand (yet)
The sculptures shown here are experimental sounds, not the latest Beyonce single.
It\'s early, but it\'s hard to stare at your favorite song without excitement.
The price change hidden behind these paintings is a fully functional wireless speaker that can be played in the backthe-
Interview with the artist\'s scene, the artist\'s chosen track, or enjoy any tune you want to hear when you\'re in your new gallery.
It\'s about experiencing art and music together, and Drake didn\'t make all the choices this time.
If you prefer DIYer, you can also get a blank blackboard or canvas sound wall and change your look as you feel (
Or your shopping list).
From $ 400I, I usually don\'t recognize products that require you to take samples from your mouth before ordering, but DNA 11 can turn small samples of DNA into artwork.
Basically, they will drool you.
Ycheek cells, extract your DNA and place it in a process called gel that separates various components. (
Yes, there will be a quiz at the bottom of the story. )
The resulting pattern will then be colored according to your requirements and printed on the canvas to let you hang where you want it.
All the techniques are in the process, they send a small kit that is beautifully designed, so just look at the canvas on your wall and guests may not realize what they are staring at makes you.
If there is too much DNA, you can also choose a kiss print or fingerprint portrait, which is the other biological Mark unique to each of us.
It\'s like a high school biology class no matter what path you take, but it\'s more swank.
From $199 when you send past the unfortunate name, Dad (
Digital art device
It is a great choice to bring the right video art device into the living room.
It\'s a combination of dedicated hardware (either a self-contained 42-
Inch screen or special drive plugged into existing TV/monitor)
In addition, we provide you with a subscription service for multimedia art exhibitions.
The subscription comes with a two-month collection, each with a printed directory to match.
Unlike EO1, there is a sound because everything is downloaded and played, and you don\'t have to worry about rough resolution if the signal is cut off.
There\'s no word yet about who the artist will be, but if dad can score --
level figure like Damian Hearst, without all the excuses, they might make a difference.
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